The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours in the aircraft, 20 of that with an instructor, in addition to the ground instruction for the Private Pilot Certificate (under Part 61). However, there are very few people that can master the art of flight in such a short time. Most people take longer, in fact, the national average is somewhere closer to 70 hours. Our school’s average is closer to 55 hours. These are only estimated costs, and for comparison purposes only. Every student learns at a different pace. We cannot guarantee that anyone will earn a pilot certificate.

Students can save money by studying at home on their own which reduces the time needed to meet the ground instruction requirements. Students can also prepay for block time. Block time is a prepayment for 10 hours of flight time, which enables the student to get a 5% discount off the aircraft rental price. Students can also share books, pilot supplies, etc. with other students, and even borrow our headsets.

EXAMPLE Cessna 172:

  • 40 hours Aircraft Rental
    @ $135.00/ hr. =$5,400.00
  • 20 hours Flight Instruction
    @ $45.00/hr =$900.00
  • 20 hours ground instruction
    @ $45.00/hr=$900.00
  • Additional Costs* $1500.00
    Total Cost (approx) $8,700.00

*Additional Costs:

  • Medical Certificate (approx.) $150.00
  • FAA Written Test $150.00
  • FAA Checkride (approx.) $500.00
  • Pilot Supplies (avg.) $500.00
  • Personal Headset $100-$1000.00 = (avg) $300.00
    Total Cost (approx) $1,600.00

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